Propane Hot Water Heater

7 December 2020

Propane water heaters are the most suitable for the great outdoors!

Ask your avid camper neighbor if he might have a propane water heater in his RV. says that any outdoorsman would tell you propane water heaters. Consider this type of water heater as the most suitable for the great outdoors.

Propane water heaters are portable.

Propane water heaters are compact, unlike other models that rely on electricity. According to, hikers and campers can have hot water, wherever they decide to set up the camp.

Users can have hot water on demand in seconds, thanks to the propane water heaters. It runs on propane, a cheap and clean fuel. With gas lines correctly set-up, propane-powered water heaters is also a favorite of residential unit owners. In addition, they want reduced electric costs but have a more fuel-efficient source for their heating systems. In the case of an electrical outage, owners of propane water heaters guarantee an uninterrupted supply of hot water for showers, cooking, and dishwashing.

Tankless vs. with tank portable water heater

Traditionally, propane water heaters come with tanks. However, as portability has always been a significant factor in outdoor aficionados, tankless propane-powered water heaters have also been developed. Tankless propane water heaters are more portable and space-saving. Besides, it can also save fuel costs. Portable water heaters with tanks tend to do the following tasks: (1) maintain the temperature of water stored in the container and (2) consuming more propane as compared to tankless units.

Electric vs. propane water heaters

Compared to water heaters plugged to electric outlets, propane water heaters can supply large families hot water at any given time. One caveat in buying it is an explosion. Remember, propane gas is flammable and combustible. Gas lines should be fixed properly and to ensure that no gas could seep through. 

Propane gas tanks are well-ventilated as it may produce carbon monoxide fumes. However, the emission of carbon monoxide is dangerous and life-threatening if inhaled in large quantities. If you sense that your unit is leaking, shut the gas tap. Get out of your house immediately! For added safeguard, look for the auto-shutoff feature and a flame failure protection. It is the best option if you also bring a 2-D cell battery to ignite your propane water heater. 

Provide users with consistent hot water on demand

Given the cons in using either a tank or tankless propane water heater, they provide users compatible hot water on demand. This advantage is enough to sway users in choosing propane water heaters over electric powered water heaters along with portability.

 If you are also going on going green, choosing propane water heaters is an eco-friendly choice. Well, countries like the United States of America and Canada are giving tax incentives to residents. Who are qualified for tax incentives? Perhaps those who install fuel-efficient systems to replace less efficient heater systems. A decrease in electricity consumption means less coal burned by power plants. As a result, it lessens carbon emissions.

Thus, the next time you are going camping, consider buying a propane water heater anytime, anywhere.

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