Hot Water Heater Parts

19 December 2020

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Would you like to know about the water heater parts, the usage, and the maintenance?

Someone can go on and on forever since many components involved in various water heating processes. However, present in here a piece of simple information on water heater parts required in the electric water heating method.

Why is it important to know the water heater parts? How does it work?

One of the main advantages of knowing your water heater parts and how they work is that you might be able to modify your heater and make it last longer. Perhaps, being familiar with your unit can help you plan proper maintenance.  More importantly, it can save you some bucks and help you tune-up with professional technicians in future conversations.

Why should you maintain the water heater?

Water Heaters provide an excellent convenience in your modern home from morning showers to washing the dishes and doing the laundry. Accept it or not, water heaters  give constant hot water to take care of our necessary daily tasks in the utmost comfort. Thus, like other appliances, water heaters have limitations.  They need maintenance! 

Here are some of the benefits you can get by doing so.

  • Increases efficiency
  •  Saves you money
  •  Extends the life span of your heater
  •  Maintains the full volume your water heater tank can hold

That’s enough for the question “why.” Now, let’s dive into the “what” and “how.” What parts of the electric water heater we should maintain, and how should we keep it?

Electric Water Heater Parts and Their Maintenance:

The pressure relief valve is the safety mechanism of your water heater. It prevents your water heater from exploding if too much pressure builds up inside of it. Be sure to know the switch on the side of your water heater with a long, copper, or plastic discharge pipe leading down from it.

If the pressure inside your water heater tank gets too high, it opens automatically to release it. Then, the discharge pipe runs the flow of water down to the floor.  Remember,  ensure that electrical panel is away from your furnace, or other sensitive equipment.

Why do you need to check the pressure relief valve? Test the pressure relief valve regularly by placing a bucket under the discharge pipe and lifting the lever. If water comes out of the tube, you’re right; use the bar to close the valve. Don’t forget to replace if the lid doesn’t open when raising the gear or if the valve leaks.

Manufactures design Anode Rod to slow corrosion of water heaters. Also, it is designed with a steel core wire surrounded by one of three different metals – aluminum, magnesium, and zinc.  It helps to  determine the water heater’s life. Consider to replace the anode rod once every five years to lengthen the water radiator’s lifespan.

Water heater tanks act as storage for your hot water. Flush and drain it regularly to remove the sediment buildup, which can lead to ineffective performance and ultimately damage the unit.

A thermostat maintains the temperature of the water. It keeps the water desired levels by continually checking the temperature of the water. Always check your thermostat and make sure it’s at 120 degrees standard temperature to save energy.

Moreover, those are some of the electric water heater parts that you can regularly check and maintain to ensure the water heater’s effectiveness and health.

Wait! There is still a lot of water heater parts that you should maintain. That work requires skill to do so. In that case, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help.

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