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18 December 2020

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Do you care  about which water heater is the most energy-efficient and -effective? An oil-fired water heater is the one!  Let me share with you how.

 What is an oil-fired water heater?

Like other traditional water heaters, the oil-fired water heater has a tank system to store the hot water. Besides, it also needs a source of fuel to heat the water.  What is something unique with the oil-fired water heater? In fact, it is the only water heater that uses both oil and electricity for fuel. What about the burner? It is an added feature  which creates an oil plus water mixture. When the mixture is exposed to an electric spark and ignited, it heats the water in the oil-water heater system.

 What are the benefits?

  •  Has a fast recovery for consistent hot water
  •  Water heating time can be up to four times faster than with other water heaters.
  •  Has lower operation and maintenance costs
  •  Supplies a very energy efficiency
  • Increases your energy savings
  • Capable of heating large amount of water and supply high-capacity hot water systems for businesses or large households 
  • Works with a direct-fired, indirect-fired, tank, or tankless water heater system
  • Provides a long life-span and very reliable long-term operation

 What are the drawbacks?

  • ·Has a high purchasing and installation cost
  • ·It may be harder to acquire due to the more limited availability of oil fuel
  •  Requires more cleaning and maintenance to continue operating at maximum efficiency
  •  Produces exhaust gases that must vent to the outside of the building
  •  Needs to have the pilot light to relit more frequently when housed outdoors
  •  Requires the use of combustible fuel sources (the oil plus water plus electric spark system).
  •  Can produce some energy losses due to the need to vent exhaust gases

Consider these information when using an oil-fired water heater.Perhaps.  The truth is that you can’t simply enjoy the benefits of the fantastic oil-fired water heater without investing in an excellent oil. 

How does water heater oil plays a significant role in the oil-fired water heater? 

  • Oil is the energy source of the oil-fired water heater to produce hot water.
  • It is the main element in oil-fired water heaters, and without this, the whole system will not work.
  • Requires an excellent oil for an oil-fired water heater to function well and last long.

Moreover, investing an excellent oil for your water heater is not a bad idea. Make sure that you are concerned with the quality more than something substandard. Using an inferior product could affect your oil-fired water heater. Don’t hesitate to surf the web.  Instead,  find the best oil-fired water heater and oil for your home.  You have a variety of choices from the best brand on the market. Be familiar with the many quality factors for water heater oil like the viscosity and smoothness. 


Indeed, choosing the best quality of water heater oil is must be a priority. Don’t settle for substandard because you deserve the best!

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