Gas Water Heater Repair in Salem

29 December 2020

Are you looking for Gas Water Heater Repair in Salem?

Gas water heater repair is one of the services that we provide to all local communities in Salem, Oregon. Call us if you need help now.

Do you think gas water is economical?

Even though electric water heaters may be more efficient than gas water, electricity is becoming more expensive each day. Thus, gas water heaters are still more cost-effective.

 How does Gas Hot Water Heater work?

A gas water heater runs by a law of physics knowns as convectionThe raw water flows through the tank through a cold-water supply tube to force a constant supply of cold water into the container. The gas burner located below the sealed tank then heats the cold water at the bottom of the tank. By the increasing water temperature, the water rises in the tank. Then, it is drained off by the water heater discharge pipe to provide warm water wherever needed. The hot water discharge pipe is shorter than the dip tube since its goal is to funnel off the most heated water at the top of the tank. 

Gas Water Heaters Benefits:

1. Lower Operation Cost

The cost of natural gas is more economical than electricity in most areas of the country. In that case, using a gas water heater can cause you to lower utility bills.

 2. Heats Water Faster

BTU is the measurement for gas hot water input. The average input rating for a gas water heater is between 30,000 to 180,000 BTUs, depends on the size. The higher the BTUs are, the faster the unit will heat water.

 3. Still Available during Power Outages

Since gas water heaters didn’t use electricity to works, you can always have hot water even during a power disruption.

 Gas Water Heater Drawbacks:

 1. The Upfront Cost is High

Gas water heaters have a ventilation system for their exhaust gases. Though they are cheaper in the long run, you need to pay extra for this ventilation system. That’s why the initial cost is higher than the electric ones.

2. Complicated Installation Process

As said earlier, gas water heaters have a ventilation system. This ventilation system makes the installation process complicated. It limits the possible location of your water heater for the ventilation system must connect with it. 

 3. Risk of Gas Explosion

Since the unit is using gas to operate, the risk of having leaks and explosion is always there. Because of that, you should still maintain your gas water heater correctly. If you don’t have any idea about that, it would be best to call for professional help.

Basic information about gas water heaters is discussed in this article. However, the best water heater for your home still depends on your preferences and needs. The decision is always yours. Make sure to find the best water heater that will satisfy your family needs. Don’t hesitate to know more about water heaters. Also, remember to take precautions.

If you decide to purchase and install gas water heaters, it would be best to consult and ask for the help of a qualified plumbing technician for your gas water heater repair in Salem, Oregon.

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