Bosch Hot Water Heater

29 November 2020

Do you know why Bosch is one of the leading global leaders in the water heater industry?

They provide a variety of water heating solutions for electricity and gas. If you prefer a reliable brand for your water heater, Bosch is the name that you should remember. Perhaps, the number of homes in America alone that has Bosch water heaters is countless. Also, please take note that they’re not famous in America apart, but all over the world.

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Bosch is also known for its highly-efficient and versatile water heaters. The series of advanced tankless water heaters are its best selling products.

Bosch Best Tankless Water Heater Series

 1.    Greentherm 9000 Series

Greentherm 9000 series offers nine models for a high-efficiency bosch water heater. When thinking of the application in both residential and commercial, this model is reliable. Besides, it provides easy installation, operation, and maintenance.


  • Space-saving and great design.
  • Has top water connections for easy tank replacement.
  • UEF of up to 0.96.
  • Has Wi-Fi accessories and in-app services.


  • Energy efficiency is the right choice.

When looking for an efficiency rating of UEF up to 0.96, Greentherm 9000 series is the right choice. It also has innovative features for easy installation, operation, and simple maintenance. Perhaps, it offers an excellent package of a 15-year warranty on the heat exchanger. Please take note that it provides a full 5-year limited warranty on parts.

  •  Remotely Control is possible from your Mobile.

Greentherm 9000 series has a free mobile app that allows you to control the water temperature remotely, activate the recirculation pump, monitor usage, and sensor values from your mobile phone or tablet.

  • Various options are available.

You can choose from seven residential models from these series. It is to ensure your individual need and preferences. Perhaps, each model includes a conversion kit from natural gas (NG) to liquid propane (LPG) and flexible venting options to keep installation simple.

2. Therm Series

Therm Series models offer clean and efficient remarkable savings on utility bills.


  • An ultra-low NOx Certified.
  • Non-condensing up to 24 units.
  • Available in NG and LP configurations.
  • Has a digital display for accurate temperature setting.


  •  It is Energy Efficient.

Therm Series is operating with a UEF rating of 0.92. These models economically provide hot water on demand. Also, it offers 15 years of warranty for the heat exchanger and five years for other elements.

  • It has Intelligent Cascading.

The Therm 830 ES has a design to support Intelligent Cascading, up to 24 units for larger homes. Besides, it offers advanced software, safety, and precision controls that only requires 175,000 BTU/Hr input.

  • It is reliable

Therm Series is wall-mounted to save space and only use gas to heat the water when there is a demand.  Also, it has innovative features that ensure maximum performance to provide virtually endless hot water.

Moreover, the newest range of Bosch water heaters is still quite popular today. In fact, they are designed with temperature controllers to give you water at just the right temperature. Bosch Hot Water Heaters are compact, safe, and are easy to install. It gains an excellent reputation for over 100 years.

Bosch guarantees you the best water heater in the world.


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